ZENfra FinOps

Streamline Your IT Costs, Maximize Savings

Drowning in multi-cloud and on-premises expenses? ZENfra FinOps offers a unified view, AI-powered analytics, and expert guidance to:

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  • Unify your IT ecosystem: Consolidate data across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem for a single source of truth.
  • Analyze with granularity: Gain insights with department-wise, provider-wise, region-wise breakdowns and cost driver analysis.
  • Optimize for efficiency: Rightsize hardware, eliminate unused resources, and choose the best cloud provider.
  • Negotiate better deals: Compare vendors, track contracts, and optimize license renewals.

Experience the ZENfra FinOps advantage:

  • Reduced IT costs: Eliminate waste and achieve significant financial savings.
  • Improved resource utilization: Get the most out of your IT infrastructure.
  • Increased transparency: Gain real-time visibility into your IT spending.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Make data-driven choices about your IT investments.
  • Simplified IT management: Reduce complexity and streamline your financial processes.