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Unlocking Opportunities with System Integrators

ZENfra’s global success is made possible through our strong alliances with leading global system integrators. These esteemed partners have joined forces with ZENfra to enhance the value we offer to our shared customers, surpassing what ZENfra alone can provide as a solution.

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Why System Integrators Choose ZENfra

System integrators are drawn to ZENfra for several compelling reasons:

  1. Alignment with Market Drivers: ZENfra perfectly aligns with key market drivers that necessitate our solution. This includes the widespread adoption of cloud technology and the various tools essential for migrating, managing, and monitoring these systems. Additionally, the perpetual challenge of running IT operations efficiently is met by ZENfra. With more than 30 integrations, ZENfra customers are highly satisfied with the support offered by our system integrators, ensuring the success of their investments. Moreover, compliance and audit mandates demand specific reporting and processes, which our partners deliver as valuable add-on services to customers.
  2. Flexible Go-to-Market Approach: ZENfra is adaptable from a go-to-market perspective. It can be utilized on a project basis to discover, inventory, and audit a customer’s environment in preparation for major migrations, modernization initiatives, and other extensive projects. ZENfra enables our partners and customers to leverage its technology early in the process without requiring a long-term commitment.
  3. Comprehensive Support: System integrators appreciate working with ZENfra because we offer essential support, including training, tools, funding, and resources. It comes as no surprise that the majority of our revenue is derived from our partnerships with system integrators.
Driving Market Dynamics and Openings
Driving Market Dynamics and Openings

Why Partnering with ZENfra Matters

At ZENfra, we prioritize our partners. The success of our partnerships is mutually beneficial, and our partners are equally rewarded for their contributions to our shared achievements.

We cordially invite you to get in touch with us to explore and discover the abundant partnership opportunities that ZENfra has to offer.”

In this rephrased version, the content has been adapted for a hypothetical product, ZENfra, while retaining the key points about the value of system integrators, alignment with market drivers, the flexible go-to-market approach, and the support provided by ZENfra to its partners.