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ZENfra presents zObs (Observability), a robust InfraOps observability solution that’s poised to transform how you oversee and monitor your IT infrastructure. With a wide range of features and advantages, ZENfra empowers organizations to achieve exceptional infrastructure visibility, streamline operations, and ensure compliance across diverse industries.

zObs Features:


Comprehensive Discovery of IT Assets

ZENfra's VMS automatically detects vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis Tools

Evaluate asset-related risks and analyze potential consequences.

Compliance Analytics Integration

Integrate tools to ensure regulatory and industry standards are met.

Dynamic Topology and Asset Dependency Mapping

Create and update maps to visualize asset relationships.

Strategic Capacity Planning and Security Monitoring

Optimize resources and monitor security to mitigate threats.

Automated IT Asset Inventory Management

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of IT assets using automation.

Seamless Data Integration with Existing Systems

Connect IT asset management with critical systems.

SLA Compliance Reporting

Generate reports to monitor SLA compliance and take corrective actions.

Empowering Businesses Across Industries

ZENfra zObs is designed to meet the unique security needs of various industries, including:

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers: Manage medical devices, patient data, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. Health Tech Companies: Develop and maintain healthcare software solutions while adhering to industry standards.

Financial Services Industry

Banks and Financial Institutions: Manage IT assets related to banking operations and ensure compliance with financial regulations. Fintech Startups: Develop financial technology solutions while adhering to financial industry standards.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Plants: Manage machinery and production systems while complying with industry-specific standards. Industrial Automation Companies: Develop and maintain automation solutions for manufacturing processes.

Government & Public Sector

Government Agencies: Manage government IT assets, maintain security, and adhere to government regulations. Public Education: Educational institutions can use it for administrative and teaching purposes while complying with educational data protection laws

Retail & E-commerce

Retail Chains: Manage point-of-sale systems, inventory, and customer data while ensuring compliance with payment card industry (PCI) standards. E-commerce Platforms: Maintain online shopping infrastructure and ensure data security.

Energy & Utilities

Energy Companies: Manage infrastructure and critical systems while complying with energy industry regulations. Utilities: Manage assets related to water, electricity, and natural gas distribution.

Plan & Pricing






Data Collection
Automated Collection X
Number of Devices Supported Limited  Multiple Device Multiple Device Multiple Device
Customize Packages based on business Outcome Only one Package Up to 5 Packages Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Data Sources X Excel and CSV Only Excel, CSV, API Excel, CSV, API
Number of Logs Up to 5 Logs Up to 50 Logs Unlimited Unlimited
zObs Insights
Hardware Aging
Vulnearbility Assessment
Cloud Cost Comparison
Compatability Analytics Limited
Capacity by OS, application and Business
Migration Method Recommendations Limited
Server Only RVTools
ZENfra Intelligence 
AI Based Recommendations on assessments 
Asset Discovery and optimization recommendation 
Dynamic Mapping & Swift Dependency Recognition recommendation
SLA Compliance and reporting
Number of Sites 1 3 10 Unlimited
Number of Users 2 10 20 Unlimited
Policy Based Access X Create Up to 3 Policies Create Up to 10 Policies Unlimited
Dashboard Default Dashboard Default Dashboard Customizable Customizable
Pattern Based Analysis X Up to 5 Rules Up to 10 Rules Unlimited
Charts Up to 5 Charts Up to 20 Charts Unlimited Unlimited
ZENfra Product Support
Support Mode Email Only Email and Phone Email and Phone Email and Phone
Support Timeline Within 10 Days Within 5 Days Within 2 Days 24 * 7
Dedicated Support Manager

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