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ZENfra Features

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Versatile Data Collection ​


Diverse Data Sources: ZENfra seamlessly collects data from an array of sources, such as APIs, log files, databases, and custom data connectors.

Streamlined Integration: ZENfra simplifies and supports multiple methods, and data integration becomes effortless, enabling you to consolidate and cleanse your data from various sources.

Custom Data Connector(ZENCollector): ZENfra’s connectors allow you to tailor data collection to your specific needs. 

ZENfra Intelligence: "Transforming Data into Insights"

AI-Driven Data Recommendations: ZENfra Intelligence leverages AI to provide data recommendations for identifying and utilizing the most relevant datasets for your analytics.

Anomaly Detection: ZENfra’s AI capabilities extend to anomaly detection, alerting you to potential data irregularities.

Hidden Insights Unveiled: With ZENfra’s AI/ML capabilities, you can uncover concealed insights within your data.

Informed Decision-Making: ZENfra Intelligence equips you with the tools to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

System Integrators
System Integrators

ZENfra Dashboard for Seamless Operation ​

Centralized Data Monitoring: ZENfra’s user-friendly dashboard provides a consolidated view of key metrics, trends, and insights, simplifying data oversight.

Metric Tracking: The ZENfra Dashboard provides tracking of essential metrics, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest data trends. 

Comprehensive Overview: ZENfra’s dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your data intelligence efforts, allowing you to see complex data into actionable insights.

Confident Decision-Making: By centralizing data analytics and presenting it in an accessible format, the ZENfra Dashboard ultimately driving your organization forward.

Unparalleled Device Discovery and Mapping ​

Comprehensive Infrastructure Map: ZENfra generates a comprehensive map of your infrastructure, mapping out the connections and relationships between devices. 

Enhanced Network Security: ZENfra’s Device Discovery and Mapping feature you can identify potential vulnerabilities and secure your network.

Operational Efficiency: The end-to-end streamlines device management and optimization, ensuring that your network runs at its best.

System Integrators