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ZENfra specializes in infrastructure data migration, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the seamless transition of your Infrastructure data.

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zMig from ZENfra

Our approach prioritizes compatibility, Return on Investment (ROI), migration insights, and a range of migration methods. We understand the value of your data and are dedicated to delivering a migration experience that is both efficient and beneficial for your organization.

zMig Features:


Data Collection and Analysis

Data Collection: Use ZENfra to collect Infrastructure data on server performance, network traffic, storage usage, and other relevant metrics. Analysis: Analyze the collected data to identify bottlenecks, underutilized resources, and areas that require optimization. ZENfra provides insights into the existing infrastructure's performance.

Define Objectives with Compatibility Check:

Clearly outline the goals and objectives of the migration, such as upgrading hardware, optimizing performance, or transitioning to a new data centre.

Selecting the Right Migration Method: cs Integration

Choose a Method that can effectively analyze and migrate data during the migration process. Determine the most suitable migration methods, such as lift and shift, rehosting, refactoring, or a combination of these.

Post-Migration check

ZENfra checks the performance and health of the newly migrated infrastructure. Look for any anomalies or areas that may require further optimization

Project tracking and Management:

Keep a constant eye on your project's progress. ZENfra’s real-time tracking feature lets you measure achievements against predefined milestones, ensuring you stay on course.

Empowering Businesses Across Industries

ZENfra zMig is designed to meet the unique security needs of various industries, including:

(IT) Services:

For transition to newer technologies, cloud-based solutions, and data centres.


Secure and compliant migration of patient records, medical images, and other critical data as they transition to electronic health records (EHR) and other digital solutions.


Retailers often migrate data to improve inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce platforms, enhancing the customer experience.


Data migration to improve supply chain management, process automation, and the integration of various production systems.


Telecom providers migrate data to enhance network efficiency, manage customer data, and introduce new services.

Finance and Banking

Financial institutions must migrate sensitive customer data, financial records, and transaction histories while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

Plan & Pricing






Data Collection
Automated Collection
Number of Devices Supported Limited  Multiple Device Multiple Device Multiple Device
Customize Packages based on business Outcome Only one Package Up to 5 Packages Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Data Sources Excel and CSV Only Excel, CSV, API Excel, CSV, API
Number of Logs Up to 5 Logs Up to 50 Logs Unlimited Unlimited
zObs Insights
Hardware Aging
Vulnearbility Assessment
Cloud Cost Comparison
Compatability Analytics Limited
Capacity by OS, application and Business
Migration Method Recommendations Limited
Server Only RVTools
ZENfra Intelligence
AI Based Recommendations on assessments 
Asset Discovery and optimization recommendation 
Dynamic Mapping & Swift Dependency Recognition recommendation 
SLA Compliance and reporting 
Number of Sites 1 3 10 Unlimited
Number of Users 2 10 20 Unlimited
Policy Based Access Create Up to 3 Policies Create Up to 10 Policies Unlimited
Dashboard Default Dashboard Default Dashboard Customizable Customizable
Pattern Based Analysis Up to 5 Rules Up to 10 Rules Unlimited
Charts Up to 5 Charts Up to 20 Charts Unlimited Unlimited
ZENfra Product Support
Support Mode Email Only Email and Phone Email and Phone Email and Phone
Support Timeline Within 10 Days Within 5 Days Within 2 Days 24 * 7
Dedicated Support Manager

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