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Following the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, businesses are re-evaluating their virtualization solutions and exploring alternative approaches. Notably, some organizations that were previously reliant on VMware are exploring plans to move their workloads to public cloud. However, migrating workloads efficiently in a short period can be a significant challenge for small and mid-level enterprises. That’s where ZENfra, a data management platform, comes in to help plan and manage your migration process seamlessly.

Factors Driving the Shift

Broadcom’s changes to VMware have caused a tipping point for some businesses, forcing them to re-evaluate their virtualization solutions. Factors driving this reassessment include shift to subscription-based licensing, limitations on the VMware portfolio and concerns about future software support. Businesses are evaluating their virtualization solutions and are seeking alternatives that prioritize control, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Migration Journey: Strategic concerns

While migrating away from VMware can be a strategic move for businesses, it’s not a simple feat and has its challenges. Technical hurdles such as complexity of data migration process, ensuring application and workload compatibility can be daunting. Furthermore, most organizations have limited IT resources, making it difficult to handle large scale migration in-house. The costs associated with migration can also be significant, adding another layer of challenge to their cloud journeys.

Migration Challenges

Migrating IT infrastructure involves multiple challenges. Manual collection of information about every server, software component, and application is a time-consuming process, not to forget it can be an error prone process. Ensuring seamless compatibility between existing workloads and the new platform requires meticulous checks to avoid disruptions or data loss. Selecting the most suitable migration method and procedures for different workloads is crucial for a smooth transition. Verifying data integrity and optimizing the new storage setup are essential steps often neglected, potentially leading to performance issues or data loss. Additionally unforeseen issues and lack of coordination during planning and communication can lead to delays and disruptions.

ZENfra – Your Partner for Seamless Migration Planning

That’s where ZENfra comes in, empowering business in the planning and management of migration journey by tackling these challenges head-on.

  • Pre-migration analysis – Takes stock of your data before you head to planning for migration. ZENfra runs an inventory of your data collection including storage, server data. The ZEN Collector tool automatically inventories your data storage and server information. Businesses concerned about security can choose a manual option. Regardless of the chosen method, ZENfra generates a detailed report, providing valuable insights.


  • Automated pre-checks identify potential compatibility issues with the new platform across all servers. This highlights areas that might need attention before migration begins. Additionally, ZENfra centralizes all migration data, including infrastructure details, application compatibility, and cloud cost estimates. This empowers informed decision-making throughout the process. ZENfra can even suggest the most suitable migration methods for different workloads based on their specific characteristics, promoting efficiency and reliability.


ZENfra’s benefits extend beyond the migration itself. It can verify data integrity after the transfer, ensuring everything has moved across seamlessly. Additionally, ZENfra provides insights to optimize your new storage setup for peak performance and cost-effectiveness.

Streamlined Migration, Improved Efficiency

By leveraging ZENfra’s automation tools, businesses can enjoy several advantages. Automating tasks like data collection and compatibility checks frees up IT teams to focus on other critical tasks. Streamlining the entire process minimizes downtime and reduces the impact on day-to-day operations. Automation also eliminates human error and ensures a consistent approach throughout the migration. Finally, centralized data with real-time tracking provides better visibility into the migration progress, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive troubleshooting.

In conclusion, migrating away from VMware can be a strategic move. However, the complexity shouldn’t be ignored. ZENfra can be a powerful ally, streamlining the migration journey, minimizing risks, and ensuring a smoother transition to your new virtualization platform.

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