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User Risk Assessment stands as your organization’s first line of defence against a variety of potential threats that can compromise security and integrity. ZENfra provides a comprehensive User Risk Assessment solution that not only pinpoints risks but also equips you to effectively mitigate them.

zRacs Features:


Data Collection

Collection of user authentication and authorization data, login and usage patterns, device information, location data, data access records, permission and policy change logs, password and credential change history, and information related to third-party integrations.

AI Data Analysis

Use predefined AI rules to analyze the collected data. Examine patterns, anomalies, and irregularities in user behaviours and access.

Risk Identification & Impact Assessment

Identify potential risks, including unauthorized access, unusual data access patterns, abnormal permission changes, and suspicious device usage.

Risk Mitigation

Put the mitigation strategies into action. Ensure that new security measures are effective and aligned with industry standards.

Compliance Adherence

ZENfra ensures that the user risk assessment process complies with industry regulations and security standards.

Empowering Businesses Across Industries


To ensure that only authorized personnel can view sensitive medical information. To mitigate risk of patient data breaches and maintain patient confidentiality.

Financial Services Industry

Prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and financial fraud to financial systems and customer data.

Manufacturing and Industrial

To control access to critical machinery and production systems. Allow only authorized personnel to operate machinery, reducing the risk of accidents and production disruptions.


Manage point-of-sale systems and protect customer data. reduces the risk of payment card industry (PCI) compliance violations and data breaches.


To protect intellectual property and sensitive data. To safeguard proprietary technology and prevent data theft or insider threats.

Government and Public Sector

To secure access to sensitive government data and systems to prevent unauthorized access and potential data breaches, safeguarding national security.

Plan & Pricing






Data Collection
Automated Collection
Number of Devices Supported Limited Multiple Device Multiple Device Multiple Device
Customized Packages
Number of Logs Up to 5 Logs Up to 50 Logs Unlimited Unlimited
FinOps Insights
On Prem Cost analysis Limited
Cloud Compute, Storage and Network analysis
Cloud Optimization
Cloud Transformation Analysis Limited
ZENfra Intelligence
AI Based Recommendations on assessments
Onprem to Cloud Transofrmation cost recommendation
Service Usage and optimization recommendation
Time Stamp based Usage analysis
Number of Sites 1 3 10 Unlimited
Number of Users 2 10 20 Unlimited
Policy Based Access Create Up to 3 Policies Create Up to 10 Policies Unlimited
Dashboard Default Dashboard Default Dashboard Customizable Customizable
Pattern Based Analysis Up to 5 Rules Up to 10 Rules Unlimited
Charts Up to 5 Charts Up to 20 Charts Unlimited Unlimited
ZENfra Product Support
Support Mode Email Only Email and Phone Email and Phone Email and Phone
Support Timeline Within 10 Days Within 5 Days Within 2 Days 24 * 7
Dedicated Support Manager

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